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A central activity for any design is to find out what user and customers want. We use a wide range of research tools and techniques to help the design process to get it right first time.

User Experience

Helping to explore the needs of clients, users and customers in any system or tools that they use to ensure that not only are they commercial effective but also awesome to use.

Website Creation

Creating stunning and user friendly websites for all types of businesses or individuals, be is a simple website or a site to sell your products or services we can help you shape it and develop it.

Brand & Identity

Stand out in the crowd and get recognised by your customers, that's what we are here to help you with our creative and logo design services.

Mobile App Build

From idea to launch, we build apps on budget, schedule and most importantly getting them found or noticed.

Product Vision & Strategy

Through the use of raw brain power and extensive past experience, we can help to figure what clients are looking for and help launch your product for maximum your product's chances of success.

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how Paym works

How does Paym work?

Following on from our previous article around how do bank payments work, in particular Faster Payments, we thought it might be a useful article to write up another article on how Paym […]

How Bank payments work?

How do Bank Payments work?

We all know that a bank without payments wouldn’t be much of a bank at all, we also know that there are many types of payments out there such as SWIFT, […]

Do we need meetings?

Do we have too many meetings?

Today was a particular low day for me, having a meeting to discuss a meeting. It was one of those moments where you arrive expecting to talk about X but […]


10 free websites that will open your mind

With all the information on the Internet it may seem hard to find good quality content, especially items that will open your mind and make you want to learn more. […]


Why Agile isn’t always the best

Reading the glossy magazines and fashionable blogs, all pretty much agree that in today’s organisations if you are not using Agile methodology in any software development project you are considered out […]

UX principles

Basic UX principles

It appears that UX (User Experience) are very much in demand these days where much of the emphasis is to ensure a great customer journey or customer service. This is […]

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