10 free websites that will open your mind


With all the information on the Internet it may seem hard to find good quality content, especially items that will open your mind and make you want to learn more. Well, good news is that there is a whole host of things out there in which we have helped by making a really simple list.

  1. Platzi : Free streaming classes on design, coding and marketing
  2. Ted : Inspirational short talks on every topic
  3. EdX : Free online courses from some of the world’s best universities
  4. Quora  : Interesting questions and discussions from the net’s experts
  5. Google Scholar : Search from a broad range of academic literature from journals, books, papers and articles
  6. BBC Future : Interesting and thought provoking articles
  7. Crash Course : Technically a YouTube channel, this channel provides some very good food for thought from history, anatomy, government and astronomy
  8. Daily Curiosity : 5 daily interesting facts, get the app and you can see these direct on your mobile
  9. MIT Open Courseware : Free online courses and resource provided by MIT
  10. Highbrow : “bite-sized” daily online courses sent your inbox

I am sure there are many more, so if you know of any awesome sites let us know. We will see if we can continue to grow this over time.

Happy learning.


About Alexander Kozlowski

Digital mobile expert, artist (a bad one), entrepreneur and a geek (sometimes). Alex loves all things digital, especially mobile, where he has worked on many digital projects across the globe. Originally from South Africa but now lives in London, UK. His interests include gadgets, good coffee, live music and climbing (in particular bouldering).

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